Jomoro & Lystonia


No Produced: 60

Year: 1971-72

Length: 8'3" | Width: 4'6"

Height: 2'9" | Weight: 180lbs

The Jomoro or as it was sometimes known 'The Mighty Microbe' (for US marketing) was the first miniature childs car copied with superb authenticity from the Formula 1 cars of the late 1960's and performed as realistically as it looked.

The Jomoro is completely hand made from bespoke engineered parts, the chassis is a stove enamelled monocoque, made from 22 gauge mild steel, all removable body panels are fiberglass, early models had the top body section and nose cone combined as a one piece grp mould, later models were made in two pieces, having the nose cone fixed, for easier removal of the top section. It was designed to accommodate an age range of between five and ten years of age. the pedal box is fully adjustable through mounting holes within the monocoque tub, it has fully independent suspension all-round, the front and rear assembly is identical apart from the steering rod locators at the front. Power comes from a 148cc Aspera lawn mower engine, capable of 45 mph, these were governed at the factory to just under 30 mph. The Jomoro is engineered with many details of Formula 1 technology of the late 1960s era. The full spec of the Jomoro can be seen in the original marketing literature and related news pieces of the time, please see the 'Articles' page.

In its day the cost of this ultimate child's racing machine between 1971 -72 was around the £400 pound mark, which made for an expensive toy back then.

The Jomoro came in 6 standard colours, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White and Orange, the standard logo decals were Castrol, Champion, Burmah, Goodyear and Britax, some cars had specific Castrol liveries with central twin stripes running the length of the car, there was a long thin white JoMoRo branded decal placed between the tub and the removable top section, the cars also came with the standard black number on a white circle on the sides and front nose cone.

Jomoro Ltd also offered accessories, they had agreed a range of nomex children's race overalls, balaclavas and gloves produced by Jaybrand race wear, full face race helmets from Premier and also bespoke canvas car covers and trailers.

Many of the Jomoro cars I've come across over the years have been in need of full restoration, many are missing their original parts, wing mirrors, screen visors and engine covers are the most common missing parts, others have had modifications to suspension or drive shafts, because of the fiberglass panels bodywork is often damaged beyond repair, but with the right level of TLC and original reference, a Jomoro could be easily returned to it's former glory.