Jomoro & Lystonia


This website is born out of my love for these amazing cars, and as a very privileged youngster having had the enjoyment of growing up with both a Jomoro and Lystonia, in fact I had 2 brothers, so these cars really did go to good use in the 70's and 80's. As a 5 year old boy in the mid 1970's I have some amazing memories of driving at the Goodwood motor circuit on summers evenings, at that time their were a group of us with Jomoros and Lystonias, so it really was an amazing time which spanned right up into my teenage years.

As the years have gone by I see very little about these cars, particularly now with the internet I would expect to see more information about Jomoros and Lystonias, but there is little to nothing out there.

My hope is that this website will unit owners of the cars left in existence, and become a reference point for people wanting to restore, or just wanting to know more, and hopefully add to the owners register, or email in pictures, maybe even old video footage of Jomoros and Lystonias.